Recommended books

The Presidential Campaign of Barack Obama: A Critical Analysis of Racially Transcendent Strategy.
By Dewey M. Clayton

In his book the author, Dewey M. Clayton, describes the unique campaign strategy of Barack Obama, leading him to become the first African American President of the United States. What distinguished Obama's campaign from previous campaigns ran by African Americans was his effort in running a deracialized campaign, focusing on appealing to voters of different backgrounds and political parties. Clayton furthermore offers an explanation on why Obama's candidacy offers a different road map for the future.

The book provides students of politics as well as other readers a valuable opportunity to explore the structural and institutional challenges Obama had to face in becoming President of the United States.

Published by: Routledge

On U.S. Foreign Policy:

American Foreign Policy & Process
By James McCormick

The book looks at how U.S. foreign policy has changed over the years, from it´s earliest years through the post 9/11 years and beyond. The book furthermore examines how ways and values about foreign policy have changed throughout the history and demostrates how the values and beliefs of variety of domestic factors affect the making of foreign policy.

Published in 2009 by Cengage Learning

Shoulder to shoulder
Forging a Strategic U.S.-EU Partnership
By Daniel S. Hamilton and Frances Burwell

Transatlantic relations are undergoing a fundamental period of transformation and redefinition as the U.S. and Europe find themselves in a G20 world. Can they reconcile European integration with reorientation of transatlantic relations to forge a more effective strategic partnership addressing the current global challenges? The authors of the book offer a number of specific proposals for a more effective transatlantic partnership in the new global age.

Publisher: Center for Transatlantic Relations, Johns Hopkins U.-SAIS