Guest speakers

21 January 2010
Laure Batut
European Economic and Social Committee, rapporteur for the CESE:
CESE Opinion on "Transatlantic Relations and the European social model"

11 March 2010
Alexandra Hoop de Scheffer
Special Advisor on U.S. Foreign Policy, French Ministry of Foreign Affairs:
USA/Europe relationship or the triumph of "mutual pragmatism"
Full CV (in French):

24 March 2010
William E. Kennard
U.S. Ambassador to the European Union:
EU-US Relations, EU-US-Russia; EU-US-China, NATO, Swift
Full CV:

14 April 2010
Mary Curtis
Deputy Minister Counsellor for Political Affairs U.S. Mission

30 June 2010
Tom Jenkins
European Trade Union Confederation (EDUC):
Transatlantic Labour Dialouge and TEC

30 September 2010
Jeffries Briginshaw
Transatlantic Business Dialouge:
Building a Transatlantic Innovation Economy and TEC

21 October 2010
Adriana Hernandez and Olga Gonzales
The Miami 5 Campaign:
Discussion on the situation of the Cuban prisoners in Florida

24 November 2010
David Hammerstein
Transatlantic Consumer Dialogue IP Advisor:
Consumers Dialogue: net neutrality, ACTA, ICANN, IPRs

10 February 2011
Secretary of Defence Representative US Mission to NATO:
NATO summit, EU-US security

17 February 2011
U.S. Consul:
EU, US Russia relations

7 April 2011
Professor Joseph White
Case Western Reserve University:
It´s just getting worse. Obama and the Federal Budget